Hello World, we are the eZ Publish Community Project Board

Thursday 17 February 2011 6:00:36 am

By : Nicolas Pastorino

Hello eZ Community, this is a small greeting from us.


eZ Publish Community Project

The eZ Publish Community Project is the product development space where both the eZ Community members and eZ Engineers are collaborating to push eZ Publish's core features ahead. This initiative is lead by the Community Project Board (hello), mixed organ (1/2 community, 1/2 eZ) whose role is to foster a larger innovation, at a faster pace.

This project is an opportunity for partners & individual community members to share one's real-life eZ Publish experiences by bringing-in features and bug-fixes.



One of the cornerstones of this project is governance. Introduced here, the responsibilities, roles and duties of the this governance were written in stone, for this first year, here : Governance - Framework document. We highly encourage you to read this to better understand what governance will be useful to.


The Governance Team

I am pleased to introduce the following team, here to server the eZ Publish Community Project :


This blog

This blog is one of the communication means used by the team, baking their activities in openness & transparency. Others might follow, it is under discussion at the moment within the team. The next team meeting will happen today, at 15:30 GMT+1 (Paris time), and the minutes will be shared.

Take the habit of connecting with the Board when it comes to product-related topics, questions, remarks. Starting by comments under this blog :)


Working together creates energy

Working together creates energy

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