eZ Publish Community Project SVN repository, API doc : we need your advice on pubsvn.ez.no

Sunday 17 October 2010 2:43:01 am

By : Nicolas Pastorino

In the process of moving http://pubsvn.ez.no to a new server, we thought it was a good time to improve and clean it up a bit. Tell us what you think through this survey.

You may not know of http://pubsvn.ez.no, and that is a pity. It contains useful elements like the API documentation, a SVN repository mirroring eZ Publish's, a graphical interface for browsing this Subversion repository, nightly-built tarballs of eZ Publish. Useful when developing, mostly. This platform is being moved to a new server currently, and it is about time to poll you on what usage you are doing of this. The other reason for doing this is our big switch to github, which encourages dropping SVN for the better.
Find below a little survey (2 minutes) that will greatly help us improve pubsvn.ez.no. This is a first step, and we can imagine, in a mid-term future, a deeper merger of pubsvn.ez.no's content into share.ez.no. We will keep this survey open for 2 weeks, and update you on the results and conclusions. Thanks for your time !

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