eZ Winter Conference LIVE, from your sofa !

Tuesday 19 January 2010 1:39:46 pm

By : Nicolas Pastorino

If you can not make it to the Winter Conference this time, but would like to get a taste of what is happening there, you just have to find a nice couch, sit back and relax: it's on TV !!

Thanks to the brilliant UStream online live video streaming service, you can follow the full Community Day (thursday, jan. 21st) online. The talks, the barcamp, and the discussions will be broadcasted specially for those who are too far to step by, or for whom the the last minute quote-of-the-year cropped up (any other excuse will be accepted for this time, but not for the summer conference in june!).

eZ Winter Conference 2010 ustream schedule

Here it is: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ez-community.

Not only can you watch, but you can even be part of the event, remotely. Ask your questions in the "Chat" windows right by the video player. It looks like this:

UStream chat

The other way of getting in touch with Geneva is to use twitter. Ask a question through twitter, tagging your tweet with '#ezwintercf', and it will appear under the social stream tab, close to the chat (you can even direcly tweet from ustream):

ustream social stream

We are not sure to be scrutinizing the chat all the time, but every now and then we'll check the activity on the remote part of the eZ Community!

These videos will be recorded and available offline as well, in case you can not make for the live show. So long, and waiting for the next real-life meetup, say hi on UStream!

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