ezcDocument vs Zend_Pdf

ezcDocument vs Zend_Pdf

Saturday 14 November 2009 12:27:44 pm - 1 reply

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Gaetano Giunta

Saturday 14 November 2009 2:49:31 pm

Unfortunatly the constructor instanciate a HaruDriver, so you cannot switch to another driver if you don't have haru working on your env ;(

1 - did you file this as a bug?

2 - did you try a quick hack to the constructor to see if using the tcpdf driver was ok?

3 - according to http://ezcomponents.org/docs/api/2009.1.2/Document/ezcDocument.html#method__construct, you can pass an options object to the constructor. Maybe this is the way to avoid having the haru stuff loaded?

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