eZComponent VS Zend Framework

eZComponent VS Zend Framework

Friday 05 March 2010 9:38:53 am - 3 replies

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Bertrand Dunogier

Saturday 06 March 2010 2:28:07 am

Hi Martin.

Having been an eZ systems employee for a few years now, I've had the opportunity to witness the full introduction & developement of the ezComponents, even though I wasn't implied in that specific project. If you leave the technical considerations aside, the main point of developing our main framework was actually simple, at least as far as I see it: independance. Staying independant from 3rd party vendors, at least for our main product (eZ publish) gives complete control over the evolutions of our software foundations.

Now regarding the Zend Framework itself, I would say that the components aim at being a bit more simple, with each component completely independant from the others, links between components being handled using TieIns.

It has been proved in most tests & reviews that the components are considered very high quality, with a very solid developement methodology, and this really was required, as all of our main product would depend on it.

Do you think it would have been better to use the Zend Framework ? I'm genuinely interested in what you think here.

Bertrand Dunogier
eZ Systems Engineering, Lyon

Doug Brethower

Tuesday 09 March 2010 8:10:51 am

Not to reframe the question, but where is the CMS of consequence that is based upon the Zend framework?

Just a few years ago, there was at least one promising project.

In these past few years, eZ makes remarkable progress, Zend also at the core. But Zend does not seem to me to be translating fast enough into real world useful for a project the scope of an enterprise level content mmt system. IMHO the coordination effort needed to tie all the pieces together begins to bog down the innovation process as more parties become involved. Especially when those parties are time constrained developers who may be entertaining many masters. Maybe that is not an accurate description of the developers building the pieces of the Zend Framework?

As a business model, best Web strategy must focus on reaction time to real world useful innovation. How quickly can we respond to client needs? My fear would be that going Zend could mean more valuable developer time spent on coordination efforts, and less time spent on short pipeline interactions where developers incorporate exactly what clients need, practically as soon as it is requested.

That, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it ;~}

Doug Brethower
Apple Certified Technical Consultant, Southwest, MO USA

H-Works Agency

Thursday 11 March 2010 10:54:25 am


Yes i understand those considerations. But leaving aside the big picture about theorical principles developers are looking for standards. Yeah we are all lazy.

Having all open-source systems out-there based on the same framework (wordpress, ezp, magento...etc) would make a huge difference in imposing php in front of other technologies. And would significantly deflate worldwide headache trend.

Apart from this simple aspect i am not qualified to compare eZc & Zf. I would love to have an honest comparison between the two solutions.


EZP is Great

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