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Soon to be release autostatus extension needs translators

Friday 01 July 2011 5:12:52 am

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By : Damien Pobel

I'm about to release a new version of the autostatus extension for eZ Publish. This extension allows to automatically update one or several Twitter and/or statuses when something is published in an eZ Publish site. I'd like to make it available in different languages. So basically, this post is a call for volunteer translators (like the one I did on Twitter some hours ago).

The translation file only contains 66 strings to translate so it should not take too much time to achieve a full translation. If you haven't yet contributed to an extension, it's a good way to start :-) In such case, you may wonder how to proceed ? You have two solutions :

Solutions 1

  1. Download the untranslated translation.ts file
  2. Complete it by using QT Linguist or your favorite text editor
  3. Let the file available through Pastebin or any other channel and ping me (on Twitter, with a comment here, ...) so that I can put translations file in the source repository

Solution 2

  1. Join the project
  2. Create the translation.ts file for your language from the untranslated one and complete it
  3. Commit on your own

In both cases, you will be credited for the work and if you have a site let me know, I would be happy to put a link to it when I'll announce the release of the version you contribute to.

After the call for volunteer translators on Twitter, Thiago provided the por-BR translation file, many thanks to him! Who's next ? :-)