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eZ Conference 2010 in Berlin next june

Wednesday 14 April 2010 5:32:26 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

As you may already know, the annual eZ Conference (and Awards ceremony) will take place in Berlin this year, on june 24th and 25th.

The partner meeting will be held on the 23rd, vibrant gathering of the whole partner network, including Community Partners. To learn more about Community Partnership, take a look at the following : Community Partner Program. The rest of the conference will happen on thursday 24th and friday 25th.

eZ Conference 2010 - TV Tower in Berlin, Alexander Platz

The whole ecosystem will be proposed top-notch tracks during these two days, broken down as follows :

  • eZ Technology enthusiasts, proposed talks and activities around eZ Publish, eZ Flow, eZ Find, the eZ Components and PHP in general
  • Web Content Management professionals looking at best practices as well as new trends
  • Digital Media Publishing specialists, eZ getting a leading position in this industry for online magazines and newspapers

Here is a small video summary of last year's edition, in Paris :


Practical information

Practically, and answering to the main request from last year's participants, we took the all-in-one-place way, gathering all attendees in the Radisson Blu Hotel. This allows for being together and share during the day, but not only. Evenings and nights usually are hyperactive, informal exchange moments for various topics around the product, development and engineering experiences, hacking, business, potential collaborations. eZ decided to make this extended contact easy by proposing 2 different packages :

  • SINGLE package : 1 ticket for 1 person in 1 single room
  • DOUBLE package : 2 tickets for 2 people in 1 double room

A “package”, or “ticket” comprises :

  • One 2-day pass to all eZ Conference sessions
  • One pass to the eZ Award ceremony
  • One single or double room at the Radisson Blu Hotel for the duration of your stay (depending on the type of package chosen: Single or Double respectively)

Packages are proposed for 1 to 3 nights, depending on how much fun you are planning on having. Concerning expenses, here is the sliding scale pricing proposed :

Package + night(s) April
Save 10%
Save 5%
Full Price
SINGLE Package for 1 night €519 €549 €579
SINGLE Package for 2 nights €649 €689 €719
SINGLE Package for 3 nights €789 €829 €869
DOUBLE Package for 1 night €919 €969 €1019
DOUBLE Package for 2 nights €1069 €1129 €1189
DOUBLE Package for 3 nights €1219 €1289 €1359

A few tips

“Book early, save many”

10% saved in april, 5% in may

“Share a room and bankrupt won't loom”

Here is a summary of the savings which can be made by sharing a room. The resulting price per person is shown, and the saved percentage compared to a single package.

  April May
2 nights € 534 / 18% € 564 / 18%
3 nights € 610 / 22% € 645.5 / 22%

In addition to the traditional airlines, see below some interesting direct flights to Berlin :



To book, use the online payment from this page :

The venue is located very close to the Alexander Platz, berlin downtown. Find details on :


Community / eZ Technology track program

On top of the partner day on the 23rd, where community partners will be participating, the indicative program for the subsequent days is still open. The structure is as follows, but the content is not fixed yet :

  • Day 1 : Hands-on day ( thursday june 24th )
    This day is for everyone to learn new things, hands-on. Filled up with live tutorials and practical session around the technological aspects of eZ Publish, you should show up with your machine, and be ready to hack ( or watch others hacking :) ).
    This day will be followed by a free eZ Publish 4.3 certification session, on site.
  • Day 2 : Conference day ( friday june 25th )
    Legacy talks and keynotes on technology, web development, engineering, project management. The results of the now famous “feature & bug roulette” event will also be presented.
  • “Feature & Bug Roulette” (first day's Ariadne's thread)
    During day 1, as Ariadne's thread, the (not-yet) famous “Feature and Bugs Roulette” event will be held. The idea is to gather Community Members, the eZ Engineering team, add a bunch of user-stories and bugs/enhancement requests (read: features, bugs and enhancements requests, coming from the community and from eZ, carefully selected during the previous month to make sure they are addressable in one day), a dedicated room, PCs (and Macs, alright), shake it all up and end-up, at the end of the day, with freshly committed new features and fixes in eZ Publish!

Tutorials and talks registration is now open. While a dedicated registration system is not setup yet, please start posting your ideas in the forum below (either as suggestions or direct applications if you already have a concrete idea). You can also choose to submit your talk ideas to community @ ez . no.

The user-stories collection will start one month before the event, so will the feature-&-bug-roulette application period, keep on eye open for this. Feel free to use the forum below to brainstorm with everyone on these topics !


Register now, we want you there!

Spread the words around you, start booking from now on to get the most interesting rates. You should also register as Community Partner if not already done (and it not Business Partner) to be able to join the Partner Day on wed.,23rd : this is free, and empowers you to start making business with eZ Publish !

Looking forward to this conference, seeing a massive participation from the whole community !

See you there,
tag your tweets with #ezconf,
sorry for the poor rhymes up there,
Cheers !
Community Manager