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eZ Publish Fuji Alpha 1

Friday 30 April 2010 6:20:52 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

As disclosed in the Geneva sessions, eZ is now using SCRUM as our development methodology. One of the benefits of this is a working product after every sprint - and we are going to share them with the community

By doing this, we hope to get feedback from you on the new features we have added, things we've changed and bugs that might have sneaked into the product.

Mount Fuji

The alpha releases will not have the same amount of testing and polish as the final product so you should not use this on a production site.
So, without further ceremony, I give you eZ Publish Fuji alpha 1. The big new items are:

  • Automatic extension dependency resolution - no more need for editing the configuration file and carefully determining in what order the extensions are loaded.
  • ezie - the eZ image editor : You can now do basic editing of pictures in eZ Publish. This currently a standalone extension, but will be moved into the base product at a later time. This extension was a project from eZ, managed in collaboration with some students from the EPITA french engineering school and previously shared with the community. Since then, it has been improved and integrated.
  • ezxml export now supports multiple output formats enabling post export XSLT transformation on ezxml content.

We hope you will appreciate these early-bird previews. Should you want to get involved in sending feedback, or trying yourself on collborative development within the community, read more there :

Download eZ Publish Fuji (4.4) Alpha :

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eZ Publish Fuji Alpha 1