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Feedback on the Oslo stage of the eZ Community Tour on sept. 16th

Friday 17 September 2010 3:05:43 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Yesterday happened the first stage of our eZ Community Tour, in Oslo. A really great afternoon, initially announced here : eZ Community Tour, Oslo, sept. 16th

eZ Community Tour in Oslo

With 21 participants, this first stage was awesome. At eZ's offices in Oslo, surrounded by bay-windows with a pretty decent view, a beautiful sun shining and a great ambiance. The afternoon started by an update on the Community activity : what happened since the the eZ Conference in Berlin, and what's next ? This was soon followed by an open discussion about the Community Project, together with eZ's Engineering team : how will this happen, who can participate, what are the risks of having two versions, how can we solve them, etc.. Such a discussion really helps pushing the eZ Community Project in the right direction, and we will do the same in Paris next week.
You can find the slides of this session here.

Right after, the Grenland Web team presented three of their latest projects, from both the functional and technical standpoints. Forty-five minutes to discover, through demos only, what they are doing with eZ Publish.

Andre Rømcke then gave us an overview of Fuji's new things, at the technical level. You can find his slides there.

Then two groups formed, one taking the free 4.3 certification, and the other one happily barcamp-ing :) Four new certified members, but no one over 95% who got a free beer on me...i hope the frenchies are going to be better than this next week !

At a late 19:30, the night started and a group of 10 aficionados left for diner.

So yeah, a nice event to be at. Let's make it an even better one in Paris next week, and let's grow these events bigger and bigger over time. We are starting small, let's try to grow fast. So spread the word about eZ Publish around you, this will bring even more fun into such Community events !