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After upgrading in 4.4, Remember Me doesn't work

After upgrading in 4.4, Remember Me doesn't work

Saturday 12 March 2011 3:50:37 am - 4 replies

Modified on Monday 14 March 2011 9:02:50 am by Benjamin Lorteau

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Damien Pobel

Monday 14 March 2011 1:49:59 am

Hi Benjamin,

I use this feature too and it works well even after an upgrade to 4.4.

My settings are :


as you can see, there are two main differences in the Handler settings (I use PHP default session handler) and in the SessionNamePerSiteAccess (I don't need cross siteaccess login). Maybe, there's a bug with your settings, you should try to change those settings.


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Benjamin Lorteau

Monday 14 March 2011 6:40:31 am

Hi Damien,

thanks for your reply.

I tried to switch the Handler back to default (sessions handled by PHP) but with no luck, I'm still logged out after 20 minutes.

I will try to change SessionNamePerSiteAcces but I kind of like cross siteaccess login for my site, it's more convenient...

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Damien Pobel

Monday 14 March 2011 7:17:46 am

If setting ´╗┐SessionNamePerSiteAcces to enabled solves your issue, it should be considered as a bug and then you should probably open an issue in the tracker.


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Benjamin Lorteau

Monday 14 March 2011 8:56:54 am

I tried to disable SessionNamePerSiteAccess but again, I've been disconnected on either siteacces after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Since nothing is stored in the database anymore for the sessions, I'm planning on raising drastically the PHP session timeout to keep people logged in.

Thanks anyway for the help !

Edit :

Like I said before, I updated my php.ini to make it remember the sessions. here's the extract of the php.ini file about Session :

session.save_handler = files
session.use_cookies = 1 = PHPSESSID
session.auto_start = 0
>> session.cookie_lifetime = 604800
session.cookie_path = /
session.cookie_domain =
session.cookie_httponly =
session.serialize_handler = php
session.gc_divisor     = 100
>> session.gc_maxlifetime = 259200
session.bug_compat_42 = 1
session.bug_compat_warn = 1
session.referer_check =
session.entropy_length = 0
session.entropy_file =
session.cache_limiter = nocache
session.cache_expire = 180
session.use_trans_sid = 0
session.hash_function = 0
session.hash_bits_per_character = 4

Now the user are remembered, even if they left the "Remember Me" checkbox unchecked, I should remove it to avoid confusion. Or even better, leave it checked and disabled to show users that they are indeed remembered.

That solve the initial problem but at a functional costs.

Do you think it was a bad idea to mess with the PHp session lifetime or not ?

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