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Two more days for translation!

Two more days for translation!

Tuesday 09 March 2010 2:24:04 am - 1 reply

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Nicolas Pastorino

Thursday 11 March 2010 5:17:47 am

The eZ Publish 4.3 translation period is now finished and the 4.4 translation can safely start. Thanks to all involved in 4.3's translation, it worked great!

Here is a small changelog of what was achieved during this very little timeframe :

Additions :

  • Greek, New-zealand, Belgian and Indonesian locales
  • Greek, Australian, New-zealand translations

Updates :
The Polish, German, Catalan, Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Italian translations were updated.

Extensions updates :

  • The Brazilian, Catalan and Spanish translation for most of the certified extensions were provided to me. They were pushed in their respective repositories.

For the 4.4 cycle, we will make sure everyone has an easy access to translating extensions.
Many thanks everyone, and happy 4.4 translating :)

Nicolas Pastorino
Director Community - eZ
Member of the Community Project Board

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