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Site vs. sajt

Site vs. sajt

Monday 03 May 2010 3:09:43 pm - 2 replies

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Leif-Jöran Olsson

Tuesday 04 May 2010 1:22:32 am

I agree that we should choose a normative source, yes. The main portion of the two commits were affecting spelling of already translated terms/items in context. There are still various spelling errors to be fixed for the next commit.


  • sajt/site -> webbplats
  • siteaccess/sajtingång -> ?

Arash Molavi

Tuesday 04 May 2010 11:53:48 am

I saw that. Thank you. Most of the translation was made by me, and i'm no expert. But yes. Let's do that. Since it's not about giving acess to areas but different designs.

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