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Feedback on the Paris stage of the eZ Community Tour on Sept. 21st

Tuesday 28 September 2010 8:26:13 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Second stage of the eZ Community Tour, which started in Oslo, the Paris event was much of a mini eZ Conference. It was initially announced here, read on for the full report !


EDIT : here is a recap-video of this day [FR] :


The local eZ Ecosystem together in the morning

Second stage of the eZ Community Tour, Paris actually welcomed, on Sept. 21st, a full eZ Day. The overall number of 140 registered participant made this day very special, flavored like an eZ Conference. The day's agenda also mimicked what we usually have on eZ Conferences : several tracks in parallel. The morning was an all-together track, where end customers, business partners and community partners attended to the various presentations, but did not miss the opportunity to turn the presentations into a two-way, interactive moment. In particular, interesting discussions were triggered when the new distribution model was presented, introducing (for some, re-iterating on for the majority) the future evolution of eZ Publish : an Enterprise Edition, for professionally-supported cases, demanding in terms of reliability, safety & robustness, and the Community Project, synonym of innovation, opened-up to external contribution and remaining the base for the Enterprise Edition where both eZ Engineers and Community Contributors are collaborating.

Here are the morning's slides :


The Community Track, in the afternoon

The afternoon gathered up to 35 community members in the Forum hall, comfortable setup to tackle timeless technology subjects, hot topics like the Community Project, or present brand new extensions. I started off by giving an update on the eZ Community's life, timeline-like presentation to update everybody on what happened since the eZ Conference in Berlin, last June, immediately followed by a look on the future. Wanna know what should happen in the next months in here ? Read the slides :)

The Community Project was the next, blinking topic on the billboard. It actually was the day's ambient topic, and after fruitful discussions and feedback in the morning, we could take a second round of discussions in the Community Track. A fair 40 minutes of discussion later, and after having done this online, and live in Oslo the previous week, it felt like we had covered the bulk of the subject. The rocket can safely be launched, all sides double-checked on its conception, it should fly high. Guillaume told us about his significant experience as Ambassador in the Fedora Project, how the Governance was organized, what processes were set up to grease participation, how this evolved along time and requirements. Very valuable feedback, mostly validating the thoughts presented in the Governance draft by real-life feedback. Thanks for this Guillaume !

Jérôme Vieilledent then presented us with his latest eZ Publish Tool, the sqliimport extension, new, already trendy import framework for eZ Publish 4.1+.

Gilles Guirand then came on stage to shake the audience up with a very interactive talk : the usual, timeless eZ Publish project problematics. When do they pop-up, how does one solve them, does one have a silver bullet solution for each of them ?

Bertrand Dunogier, long-distance community member, eZ Engineer and undisputable eZ Publish and PHP guru, dissected eZ Publish Fuji (4.4)'s novelties, from a technical expert standpoint. His Fuji-for-daily-development talk generated a lot of interest, and if you are to be a daily developer/techy on eZ Publish 4.4, reading through his talk is not a luxury !

The afternoon's slides :

A free eZ Publish 4.3 certification followed, getting a handful of community members certified, and, on a side-note, saving me a lot of beers... (anyone scoring over 95% would get a free beer from me, no one did...some work still is required guys :) ).

The night then ended by a laid-back diner in the narrow Parisian streets close to Chatelet les Halles. Such a great day. I hope this is not only my personal impression. It felt really good to get in touch for real, sharing very intensively. Whiel an image is worth thousand words, a Community day is worth 100 forum posts !

Looking forward to having the next one happen (Germany and/or Benelux) ! Should you feel like you can gather a fair amount of eZ Publish users, enthusiasts, or future users, raise a hand and we'll make something happen together.

Here are a few pictures of the day, feel free to give us links to yours :