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Advanced development with eZ Find - part 1 : Datatypes in Solr and eZ Find

Monday 07 June 2010 8:05:08 am

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Here is the first part of a series of tutorials about eZ Find. At the end of this series, you will have been exposed all details on how it works, and be able to make an advanced usage, in various context, of this enterprise-grade search plug-in. This series will serve as a base for a talk on the subject at the eZ Conference 2010, in Berlin. As well as the Libre Software meeting.



eZ Find Advanced Development - Chapter 1

This tutorial describes how eZ Find transforms and adapts eZ Publish content, and the respective datatypes, to index them in Solr. It by the way presents a few of the 2.2 version's novelties. The understanding of these low-level mechanisms are essential pre-requisites for development and debugging phases, be it only to know where to search for the key information, or be able to read code snippets that help understanding the exact role of a given configuration directive, parameter or filter.

Pre-requisites and target population

This tutorial requires to know how to set up eZ Find. The online documentation describes the required operation in details, there :



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