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Image Maps in ezwebin Banners

Tuesday 16 August 2011 5:40:09 am

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Beginners guide for learning how to use image maps in the ezwebin extension.


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Image maps are an intuitive user interface enhancement that adds style and sizzle to engage the interest of new visitors to a site.

Usage of image maps in ezwebin (eZ Website Interface, one of the packages you can choose when installing eZ Publish) is self obvious to experienced developers after the first few times around. Finding the info or the time to do it the first time around may be off-putting the chore for busy developers.

This quick intro will hopefully pique some interest in this powerful out of the box feature and lead to more engaging sites. The usage is indeed simple. A few external links are included for complete newbies to the html <map> tag.


Pre-requisites and target population

Requires ezwebin extension with demo content installed. You can choose this package when installing eZ Publish. The full name is eZ Website Interface. Banners are included by default only when demo content is installed.

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