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Translating & Localizing eZ Publish using GIT

Tuesday 22 February 2011 2:53:42 am

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At the end of this tutorial, you should be able to contribute to the eZ Publish Localization project using GIT. Localizing means adding new translations to eZ Publish, enhancing existing ones, and adding or enhancing locales (currencies, week days names, date formats, etc. ).


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GIT, a version control system, like SVN, is now used to develop the eZ Publish Community Project. This fantastic tool allows for a very smooth collaboration on development. In our specific case, the Localization project, and while waiting for a more definitive process removing technical requirements (like having to know SNV or GIT), we will take an intermediate step and use GIT.

As a reminder, the Localization project was so far handled through :

These two tools remain, the only difference being where the translations themselves are stored : it will now be on


Pre-requisites and target population

This tutorial is aimed at anybody willing to help localize eZ Publish. This can mean adding a new language for eZ Publish's administration interface, updating an existing one, adding a new locale (dates, currency formats, etc) or enhancing it.

As mentioned in the introduction, the one pre-requisite before starting on localization is to become a member of the Localization project. To do so, log-in on, and then click the “Register membership” button on this page :

You will also need to install the GIT toolbox on your machine, and have a account. Documentation on installing GIT for any platform and setting up Github is best explained on Githubs excellent help pages:
There are also some useful links and comments on the earlier blog post: “eZ running on GIT

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