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Selling Pay-Per-Download Products

Sunday 30 August 2009 3:00:00 pm

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Many products – PDF books, songs, and online games, among others – are well suited for a pay-per-download workflow. In such a case, customers buy products online and receive immediate access, without requiring any action from the seller. eZ Publish provides a framework to quickly set up pay-per-download products.


This article is intended for eZ Publish developers who are comfortable working with PHP and eZ Publish settings. The solution as a whole is not that complicated within the eZ Publish framework, but it touches upon many eZ Publish concepts. To get the most out of this article, you should first have some basic knowledge about: the content model; sections and user permissions; workflows; and the webshop (regarding the webshop, see also Chapter 15 of the book eZ Publish Advanced Content Management. It would also be handy if you have experience setting up some simple extensions.

You should also have an eZ Publish 4.1 installation to work with, although the concepts and procedures should be similar for other versions. This article uses eZ Publish 4.1.3 with the Website Interface.

In order to properly test the installation of the eZ PayPal extension, you must have a website with a publicly accessible address. This is explained later in the article.

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